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or not the house was ever going to get around to taking a vote on immigration, since immigration was the one policy issue the republican party formally recommended to its elected official members that they do something about after the mitt romney presidential loss last year. so, congressman tom cole was asked by russell berman of "the hill" newspaper in d.c. if there might possibly be time to give immigration a vote in the house between now and the end of the year, since it already passed the senate and, frankly, the house doesn't seem all that busy. here was his response. >> but, you know, immigration is a divisive and difficult issue itself. the idea that congress can -- look, we haven't -- we're not sure we can chew gum, let alone walk and chew gum, so let's just chew gum for a while." >> we don't know, we can walk and chew gum, let alone walk -- you know, can we just chew gum for a while? congressman raul labrador of idaho had been very involved in the discussions about immigration on the republican side. he now tells the "associated press", "i don't think there is going to be sufficient time f
the week to discuss further amendments and other topics like replacing our broken immigration system of the more disappointingly the little light workload this week of a day and a half is emblematic of how the next two months are calendar for this house of representatives. there's only 19 days left of work for this house before the end of the year. the house is only in session for 2 1/2 days before we recess in a week. again, i think that the american people expect and demand a minimum 40-hour workweek from the people that they hired to represent them here in washington. i think most people of this country have more than 19 days that they have to work in november and december. that's two full months. november and december. and yet we only have 19 days over that two-month period that this body will be in session. and yet there are critical issues that the american people are demanding that we act on. as an example today is the 302nd day of 2013 that we have failed to bring to the floor a comprehensive immigration reform bill. time is running short. and the need for a comprehensive imm
's knowledge. and then there is obama care, the website in disarray and the other legacy program, immigration reform, now stalled in partisan politics. this was probably not the day president obama would have chosen to speak one-on-one with abc's new partner, fusion. >> good to see ya. >> good to see you, mr. president. >> congratulations on the new venture. >> but speak he did, taking questions on this difficult day. >> people wonder how is it you didn't know about the cell phones being looked at or listened to and why you didn't know and who should have told you? >> i'm not confirming a bunch of assumptions that have been made in the press. but what i have said is that the national security operations general generally, i'm making good decisions and i'm the final user of all of the intelligence they gather. >> such as monitoring the personal cell phone of the german chancellor. >> and the president of the united states of america. >> the one who invited him to speak at the berlin wall just four months ago where he promised american intelligence was not running amuck. >> our current programs
, also. >> i do too. lou: also the demonstration in washington, d.c. on immigration. lobbyists showing up. folks from microsoft, and zuckerberg's operation, to demand amnesty, where are we headed with this? >> well if their demand is amnesty they will be disappointed. we will be back to where we were before the fiscal issues knocked it off the map, i spoke with chairman, we are going to have hearings, and the house will pursue a step-by-step, not comprehensive, not throw everything in, not hide stuff, in a big bill, a step bicep stestep-by-stepprocess with wher can say this is about agricultural, and enforcement about the border, we'll pass it out of the republican conference, because the democrats are not going to lift a thinger to helpous house bills they keep thinking that senate bill is coming to the house floor, that is not going to happen, republicans will say what they believe in, we'll see whether we have 218 votes. >> congressman troy goudie good to talk with you. >> thank you. lou: up next, president claims no knowledge of spying on foreign leaders, but members of the intelligen
back away from. he is one of the architects of the comprehensive immigration reform bill. he is on the record being quite angry at ted cruz and his ilk for the government shutdown. if you are him, if you are lindsey graham, how do you go out and win that primary in south carolina? >> well, chris, good evening. and first of all, before we talk about the primary in south carolina, let's just make sure we understand lindsey graham and his motives. i've known lindsey for years. he's a member of the united states armed services. he's been involved in security and military matters with passion and sincerity for many, many years. and to say, you know, his concern about benghazi is somehow a concoction around the south carolina primary, first of all, isn't true. it isn't the lindsey graham i know, and i don't think anybody who really knows him would say it's lacking in sincerity. and number two, if you were going to think about benghazi as a primary issue, you know, most of the tea party or many of them, libertarians or tea party types, are noninterventionists. lindsey tends to be in
in the republican party. his book " immigration wars" makes the point that immigration is vital for america's future and the right thing to do. immigration is not just a policy issue for governor bush, it is part of his family's heritage for his wife of nearly 40 years, colombo, was born in mexico and they are the proud parents of four children and his family is the new american family. the thing that really sets jeb ash apart is that he is conservative that stands for something, not just against it. as jack kemp once said -- our appeal of boundless opportunity crosses every area of geography, race, and belief. we may not every vote we will speak to every heart. in word and action, we will represent our entire american family. each day, governor bush does just that and he looks ahead to what can be done to improve people's lives, preserve freedom and how we as a nation can grow our economy and strengthen our democracy and do it all by working together. that's a noble mission and once a deserving of recognition at anytime but especially right now. iq, governor, for being a positive force for good. sp
story-- phone lines light up as business groups lobby lawmakers on immigration legislation.. an update on residents of the jersey shore and more in the 1 year aftermath of superstorm sandy.. and words of wisdom on taking risks from buffett and son. first business starts now! you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning! it's tuesday, october 29th. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: a record rally to start the week. the dow fell a point, the nasdaq by 3, but the s&p-- just managed to make a record day when a gain of 2 points. gold and oil remained near the flatline. apple fails to impress wall street. after the close last night the tech giant reported earnings that topped analyst targets-- but profits from sales of iphones and ipads were not as robust as what analysts wanted. shares dropped about two dollars. retailer michael kors is set to join the s&p 500 friday night. shares rose $3 dollar after the close on the news. gas prices-- hit the lowest level of year year monday. according to triple a the average price of a gall
basis for our country. and that is immigration reform. by refusing to act on comprehensive immigration reform, there is great cost to the american people in job the undermining of the rule of law and destruction of the opportunities that will arise by tackling this head on. the longer bewe delay passing comprehensive immigration reform, the greater the cost of inaction in both economic, human, and security terms. every week that congress is in session for the rest of the year, i'll be here on the floor talking about the cost of naction on immigration reform. in this, there's a clear path forward a comprehensive immigration reform bill. a compromise took a little give and take from both sides. bill supported by the labor community, by the faith community, by farmers and farmworkers that passed the united states senate with more than a 2/3 majority. we've introduced a similar bill here in the house with a growing numb of bipartisan co-sponsors and are encourage the speaker and majority leader to bring this bill to a vote with we have confidence it will pass. our economy will suffer treme
of representatives to take up the issue of immigration reform. now the u.s. chamber of commerce is hosting a forum on the need for immigration reform. high-tech representatives from silicon valley, the immigration advocacy group there, founded by facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg are also attending the event. president obama has said that he wants congress to pass immigration reform legislation before the end of the year. >>> syrian hackers are claiming responsibility for breaking into president obama's twitter account. yesterday, two links posted on the president's account redirected users to sites in support of syrian president bashar al-assad. syrian electronic army has hacked into several prominent websites including the "new york times." >>> google looking for about 30,000 more people to test its wearable computers. they are already 10,000 people who are testing google glass and now they're being asked to invite three friends or co- workers to also buy the devices. they will have to pay $1,500 in addition to get a current tester's recommendation. it's upgraded google glass to work with prescript
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not consider it important the way immigrants from pakistan are attacked. we have a long way to go. we have racism in greek society. we have had it in the past. it came up with the financial crisis and is still there. >> for the group, the crisis is an opportunity. it is a chance to break up the old boy network, the old way of doing things. for these young dancers, the way forward is clear. greece needs to become more open and tolerant and start welcoming immigrants and cultural diversity as a positive benefit. >> if more people were different and did what they liked and express themselves as they are, this thing would not exist here. >> they have qualified for the finals of the international breakdance competition in germany. they are proud to have the chance to represent greece in the tournament. as break dancers, nationality is not important to them. for them, dances about breaking down barriers that divide us as people. >> ♪ >> that is all we have time for today on "european journal." from all of us in brussels, thank you for watching. until next time, bye for now. captioned by the na
and it is getting smaller and smaller and smaller. >> why? >> it's because of the mass immigration, the change in demography. if you take the three minorities, asians, african americans, which are 40% of the country, they vote 80% democratic and that is growing gradually and gradually and gradually. and the death of the republican party as we knew it is inevitable. >> really? >> you shouldn't have to be a white european to like the republican party. the republican party appealed to people beyond that particular demographic throughout its history. republicans today are so obsessed with their dislike of this president. dislike of obama care and offering no positive ideas at all. they are dominated by saying no to anything that the president wants to do and they are fighting among themselves. you have the so-called insurgent republicans determined to kill off all of the traditional republicans in the primaries. so, i think it's tempting for democrats to just sit back and let the destruction continue. but we need two viable parties in this country. >> and you sought this out? >> away from the
think about taiwan now, and how i see its future. i asked them why they immigrated at first. i'm curious about their taiwan, 1980's, 1990's. there seem taiwan through my eyes now -- they are seeing taiwan through my eyes now. >> i think my mom is just excited that she can say, i told you so. >> this is a very worthwhile experience for you. >> she can see how happy i am here. basically all she tells me to do is buy her things. >> have you guys tried any new local foods on this trip? you have been here before many times. have you had new experiences this time? you must have a lot of chopped ice. anything else? >> i tried [indiscernible] for the first time. i was with a really good family friend and they bought it for me. i did not want to disrespect them. it was good. >> my family friends took me down and there is a coastal town. we ate the best seafood ever. it is different from japanese seafood. here it is oysters raw, like soup, like pancake. i was blown out of my mind and how simple taiwanese cuisine is. it is very subtle. when you can appreciate the simple flavors, that is when you re
. barack obama wants to pass immigration reform. he wants to have a strong infrastructure bill. he's offered a deal, compromise that would combine long-term corporate tax reform and infrastructure investment as a pro-growth, pro-jobs grand bargain your he has many, many priorities he wants, and none of them in our system can get through without the cooperation of the republicans in the united states congress. that is the leverage that is given the minority party in our government. that is the leverage that is given even if you control even one house. and so in 1997 when we did the balanced budget agreement and i was one of the negotiators, we just had the white house and they have both houses of congress. but, of course, we have leverage over each other. if they wanted the medicare savings they wanted, that they want to lower the capital gains, they had to get bill clinton to change his position. if we're going to get the children's health initiative, the hope scholarship, investment funding for education, we have to get their cooperation. that is the mutual leverage that leads to
, the masters talking about immigration reform, education. and that brings up the next question, amnesty. comprehensive and immigration reform. i love the way they sell this. six and the people from the gop lobbying base descending upon washington to cajole the authorities into granting amnesty to illegal reverence. >> adding that the versions were before and will again. lou: al was -- what do you think? >> we have to do something to sell the immigration problem. lou: he sign-off with the national association, the zero cars. super. >> able to make a difference. thousands could have stopped it. you'll make sure we listen is it goes along with the administration for amnesty. lou: the establishment has nothing to do with the quality of life, standard of living for twenties on million americans who are out of work, unemployed, underemployed, and they don't see this same fervor and passion . >> i am against it because it is too draconian. >> i supported the house plan was incremental. >> you want to go beyond. >> not good enough for you. what is good enough? >> above the citizens of the does
from all over the nation to pressure the congress to take up the issue of immigration reform. the u.s. chamber of commerce is hosting a forum on the need for immigration reform. high-tech representatives from the silicon valley immigration advocacy group founded by facebook ceo mark zuckerberg are also expected to be there. now president obama has said he wants congress to pass immigration reform legislation before the end of the year. >>> the organization in charge of monitoring the destruction of syria's chemical weapons says inspectors have been able to visit 37 of the 41 chemical facilities. they say they couldn't visit the other sites because of security risk. that means the inspectors weren't able to meet an october 27th deadline to go to all of the declared sites. >>> a criminal's grand jury has indicted disgraced supervisor george shurikawa. three years agent investigators say he impersonated a city council candidate on bogus mailers that linked her to the community government in vietnam. she resigned in march dough to another scandalous case. he was accused of stealing publ
of immigration reform. the u.s. chamber of commerce is hosting a forum on the need for immigration reform. high-tech representatives from the silicon valley immigration advocacy group are also attending the event. president obama wants to congress to pass immigration reform legislation before the end of the year. >>> time now 6:15. disgraced former sap that clara county supervisor george shirakawa has been indicted by a criminal grand jury. the indictment is tied to allegations of a political dirty trick three years ago. investigators say shirakawa impersonated a san jose city council candidate on bogus mailers that linked her to the communist government in vietnam. shirakawa resigned in march due to another scandal. he was accused of stealing public money and campaign donations to pay for his alleged gambling habit. >>> a federal judge is ruling that former alameda fire chief dave kapler has to pay the city's legal costs in his termination lawsuit. in september of 2010 he was fired after he was photographed using a city gasoline pump to fuel up his bmw. kapler appealed the city's decision but
for all of us. another effort that would be good for our pocket book is immigration reform. on the most basic level we all know that the system is broken and needs to be fixed. that's why last week the president once again called on congress to pass comprehensive reform. it's good for our country and it's good for the housing market. homeownership has long been viewed as part of the american dream. one of the outcomes of fixing our broken system is a stronger housing marketplace. from 2000-2010, immigrants accounted for almost 40% of new homeowners nationwide. that's a lot of demand for your products and services. so expanding the circle of opportunity for those who are ready to own creates incredible benefits. the president stressed that it's in all of our interest to get this done. so let's do it now. it's also in our interest to shape an environment that encourages good lenders to get the quality products to credit where the families. unfortunately, as you know better than anyone, and as dave talked about, one of the major obstacles that's blocking a full housing recovery is regulato
. ellis was home for about 12 million immigrants entering the united states and sits right next door to the statue of liberty. the $28 million restoration project is still continuing. >>> and recapping our earnings investments, investors initially sold on the future market pressure but shares have since erased those losses. >> and we'll see how they do tomorrow. >> we will. i'm susie gharib. >>> and i'm tyler mathisen, thank you for joining us, we'll see you tomorrow night. >>> nightly business report is brought to you by street.com, multi-media tools for a financial world. our dividends stock adviser guides and helps to generate income during a period of low interest rates. we are the street.com. >> welcome to "film school shorts," a showcase of the most exciting new talent from across the country. experience the future of film, next on "film school shorts." "film school shorts" is made possible by a grant from maurice kanbar. celebrating the vitality and power of the moving image. and by the members of kqed.
.c. boyle has written 100 novels and short stories and many of them deal with immigration and environmental degradation. he has consistently been on the bestseller list. he has published his second volume of stories called "t.c. boyle stories ii." good to have you back on this program. chuck taylors on. i love it. >> you never know when you're going to be called upon to dunk. tavis: it is still killing. this would be hard to dunk at 918 pages. this is pretty dense. >> it is also -- i am sorry, i wrote a preface for it, it was a little bit valedictory. this is my career, this is what i have done. i am feeling pretty good, and i think it might have a few more good years left in me. so maybe we will see volume three sunday. tavis: you say that like you have questioned whether or not you have a pew good years left? >> i have been healthy. i get up and clean up after my wife and start typing every day. has 900 18 book pages because it has three books in it, basically. and 14 short stories create >> right. there is 58 stories in this one. four8i published my first collections. they squeezed the p
with the united states for alleged misuse of business visa and they set aside $35 million for the immigration violations and the largest ever of such find and it brought long-term workers in the u.s. on short-term business visas. and this is one of africa's fastest growing economics and on going violence between the army and the rebel group is worrying foreign investors and we report from mozambique's second biggest city. >> reporter: the civil war ended in 1992. after more than 20 years of peace fighting between the government which is led by the party and the former rebel group in the province is worrying her. >> translator: our leaders must sit down and talk. i want my children to grow up in peace. >> reporter: foreign-owned companies invested billions of dollars exporting resources like gas and coal and they depend on the highways and railroad lines which run through there. >> translator: we hope this problem will be dissolved soon and they promised to do everything it can to protest investors. and i will have to sit down and talk. >> reporter: and officials say they do not want war
is not an appropriate choice. she's against the rights of immigrant families and undocumented students and÷ against the rightsdc6 of studen critical thinkingt!f and free speech. >> napolitano began her tenure as uc president less than a month ago. >>> one year ago today the east coast was battling the largest storm to ever build in the atlantic. sandy ripped across the shoreline leaving behind about $70 billion in damages. nbc bay area jay gray is on the boardwalk this morning and seaside heights with a closer look at the ongoing recovery efforts across the region. >>> sunrise in thep strikea year after sandy is still struggling to come back. >> it's terrible and tragic. it's nowhere close to getting any better. sdroo did you think when all this happened that a year later you would be in this can be? >> never. we honestly figured maybe six months, and we would have a home. >> reporter: many who lost their homes are gij to lose hope. >> we're told we're going to see progress soon, but i look around, and i see no progress. >> reporter: desperation, they understandúz in seaside height. recoveri
's income or you may go in and ping immigration to find out what an immigration status was. and so it's a way to get in and then get out. but that information is very sensitive information that, unless you can assure the american people that who is getting in there and who is getting out or who has access to it to begin with is a very scary thing. there is a lot of very personal information in that data hub. >> i suppose there a lot of people with a lot of personal information even at the irs, even long before obama care. you have no idea how many people have access to the hub and we only have 30 seconds left. >> no, we do not. and we don't know about the navigator which we have also talked about that i would love to talk about that what we have seen with the navigator. the scary fact they are out there getting this information from people. we really don't know at this point in time, greta, where our personal information is going to be misused for fraud aabuse. >> i think wednesday would be a great opportunity when h.h.s. secretary kathleen sebelius testifies. maybe we will hear more
the daughter of immigrants from india hopes to one day become a pete yeah trigs. she is a premed major at queens college, who lives at home. her tuition is just under $6,000 a year, which is all her family can afford. the president of queens college says it provides large amount of student aid so students don't have to pick off job to pay their tuition. >> we are getting students from very modest means first in their family to go to college, maybe first in the country, without us they wouldn't be able to transcend their particular situation. financial planner says cost has everything to do with how families pick schools. >> from working class families they are selected the colleges based on the affordable, bases on the convenience of their son or daughter commuting. >> with tuition on the rise, many families are looking at where they can get the most bang for the buck. the washington monthly has produced one of many lists that ranked colleges on just that. and queens college is number two. their study looks on more than 1600 colleges. getting marketable degrees at affordable prices. >>
's lots of newcomers and lots of immigrants. >> like the next governor. >> huge -- >> like the next governor. >> exactly. like the next governor. immigrant carpet bagger, whatever you want to call him. >> george allen wasn't from virginia. look. allen wasn't from virginia. robb wasn't from virginia. >> one factor in this race, though, and certainly in the tea party numbers was the shutdown because of the heavy federal government presence here in northern virginia. the tea party's hostility toward government employees and government spending in general. including defense spending which partly explains i think why with cuccinelli is getting beat down in newport news. >> these numbers are stirring. look at this. among the voters down there, republicans have once again fielded a candidate who women generally flee from in droves. if women flee in droves. even in the case of rape and incest which for some people is an exception is losing to terry mcauliffe among women. this is like the new york mayor's race. 24-point difference. among basically even among men tied. so the issues that grab
we enjoy in america. has nothing whatever to do with immigration. it is the statue of liberty, not the statue of immigration. >> we don't fall for that stuff here. >> and today's top trender. shocker. >> i'm shocked. >> shocked. >> the republican two-word culture returns. >> the reports of sticker shock for those who are young and healthy are widespread. >> sticker shock. >> sticker shock. >> sticker shock. >> you would be shocked to know what it costs. ♪ >>> joining me now is dr. kory a bare, ceo, and professor at lsu health science center. great to have you with us, doctor. appreciate your time tonight. is it disingenuous in a mislabel by the media and by the conservatives to use the term "sticker shock?" >> yeah, it is. because guess what? you're getting a better product. i mean, it's not sticker shock when you want to buy a rolls-royce and you get the rolls-royce. i mean, obviously, the subsidies are going to help pay for the insurance of the people. and that's why we have got to get the website fixed, and, you know, i'm not excusing obama care -- obama for this website
tour where millions of immigrants entered the u.s. ellis island needed about $77 million in repairs after getting damage by the storm, but they traction, still not fully recovered. >> my father passed away about a month ago. it's just kind of nice to trace the roots back. >> last children the children could not see it. it is great to bring these guys over today. >> more than million photographs and other art fax are still being held in maryland while buildings are still being fixed and upgraded. the 27-acre property is expected to be fully restored early next year. >>> one of the worst storms in years blasted great britain today, killed at least five people. the storm pack winds close to 100 miles per hour ripping waves v feet high along the coast. they already nicknamed it stormageddon. it left 250,000 people without power. in london, it caused a gas explosion that destroyed three homes. >> unfortunately two bodies have found. bodies testify a male and a female. >> the impact felt at the airport was forced to cancel more than 100 flights. the storm later rippedly belgium, denmark,
from baggage room you had to go upstairs that were a medical test. immigration service officers were around here watching people with their bags as they came up. and checking to see whether or not they were limping or had an eye problem z if they did, they would mark clothing with chalk. these benches are original. each person had to have an exam if they were are marked with chalk taking about 90 seconds. right now kigs post and elevators are still off limits. visitors made their way here, they didn't seem to find. -- mind. >> i'm french. >> you're french? that is great. >> this is the first day reopened. >> yes. >> you knew? >> yes. >> they were cute. i told them bonjour and thanks for the stalt yu of liberty. again this is free but there are no elevators and no food. bring snacks. they hope to be 100% by may. >> let's hope so. >> yes. >> just ahead at 6:00 is anyone thinking about buying a car needs to check out. >> consumer reports run down of the most-reliable cars. is it a good time to buy american? security, butalk to the leader. tyco integrated security. we'll create a solutio
electronic army' is claiming responsibility. a tweet about immigration reform was supposed to send followers to a news article. but it was linked to a video montage of terror attacks. including 9-11.. the account, "@barackobama" is used by the president's organizing for action campaign. the hackers apparently include supporters ofand they've hacked other high- profile accounts and >> ofthe obama administration says it's extending the deadline for american's to sign up for the affordable care act. people now have until march 31st to sign up for coverage next year. and avoid new tax penalties. today's announcement had been expected - since the white house has been promising quick action to fix the many technical problems with the website. >> getting health care in california has been relatively easy compared to what's happening nationally with "obamacare" still, moving the penalty deadline back to march 31st is a relief for californians who are on the fence about their healthcare coverage. i just got off the phone with the executive director peter lee. >> this is great, this is very clear for
, known for his tough tactics on undocumented immigrants. they toured the so-called tents where inmates are forced to live outdoors. >> how many times have you been here? >> too many. >> you must like it here. >> i hate it here. >> why did you come? >> why do you hate it? >> the food tastes like crap. it's hotter than hell in these tents. >> well, he made me sad. >> why? >> he's honest. but one of the reasons i do this is so you don't come back. i'm very, very disappointed that you have been here before. >> reporter: tough interviews and tough topics but they're hoping to make us laugh, too. doing for news what "modern family" has done for entertainment, reflecting all of america's next generation. millennials are deciding elections, deciding what we buy which is why advertisers have gone after sophia vergara, the highest paid actress in hollywood, a cover girl selling diet pepsi. it's estimated she makes $19 million a year. here at fusion they want that audience, too. >> we are a generation, we're tweeting all day long. what we want is a place where we can talk about the headlines and
a settlement for alleged misuse of business vehicle visas they sete $30 million for the immigration violations the largest such fine ever seen. the penalty is for alleged practices of bringing long-term workers in the u.s. on short-term business visas. >>> staying in india. the central bank has raised interest rates for the second time in as many months, up 7.75%. inflation is likely to remain high in the near future. the price of basic goods such as onions have quadrupled in recent months. >>> gunmen have stolen $55 million from the libyan central bank. 10 men reportedly stopped a van carrying the money in the coastal city there. and as it was leaving for the airport. as it was leaving the airport, now, the cash has been flown in from the capital tripoli for the local bank bran. >>> the somali government says a senior member of the al-shabab rebel group have been killed in an apparent u.s. drone strike. it struck a car that was reportedly carrying i object hm whthem.around 120-kilometers fre support city there. >>> a pakistani schoolteacher and his children will be the first drone victim to
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